Security Grilles & Shutters

ADS Doors supply and fit Internal and External Security Window Grilles and Shutters in both Domestic and Industrial Settings to ensure your property is kept protected. It is recommended by An Garda Síochána for businesses to consider installing security grilles and shutters to provide a solid barrier around the business to help prevent intruders gaining entry.

Our Range Of Security Grilles

  • Bradburry Security Grilles
    The range of security grilles from Bradbury Group includes anything from an economic grille which provides an effective visual deterrent to the world’s strongest grille which is certified to withstand attack.

    Bradburry Security Grilles

  • Cross Guard Security Grilles

    Cross-Guard’s extensive range of security grilles, security cages and bar sets are suitable for a wide range of markets, securing homes, businesses and high-security government facilities.

    Cross Guard Security Grilles