Automatic Gate Systems

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Faac 884 – 3 Phase – Gate Weight Max 3500KG

Built to operate at its best all the time and in any place, the 930 NSF range is automatically reliable, without any use frequency limits. In the event of a power-cut, operation is assured 100% for thirty minutes by an optional buffer battery with controlled recharging.

Faac 844 – Gate Weight Max 1800KG
The FAAC 844 gearmotor was designed to move the heaviest commercial or industrial gates in the simplest, most convenient way.

Faac 746 – Commercial/Residential Operator – Gate Weight Max 600KG
The control board inside the gearmotor facilitates and speeds up installation, at lower cost. Its compact size makes it ideal for residential applications with gates weighing up to 600 kg.

Faac 741 – Residential Sliding Gate Operator – Gate Weight Max 900KG
New High Specification LOW COST Sliding gate operator. Suitable for Residential Use on gates weighing up to 900Kgs

Faac 740 – 24v Sliding Gate Operator
The 740, 24 volt Operator has the option to install a battery backup unit. The unit can be installed internally within the operator OR a larger capacity battery backup kit can be fitted external to the operator. Max Weight of Gate = 400 Kg.

Rogers Technology
Automation in Movement. Suppliers of Gate Automation Systems

Electro Mechanical Underground Automation

We supply and install the full range of electro-mechanical and hydraulic underground gate motors to accommodate every size and design of gate.

Faac 770 Underground
Our most popular system. The Faac 770 system is suitable for gates weighing up to 500Kg each leaf. The system is semi commercial and is rated to open/close the gates up to 25 times per hour. Each gate can be up to 3 Mtrs wide. An electric lock should be fitted where each gate is wider than approx 2.2 Mtrs.

Electro Mechanical Overground Automation

We supply and install the full range of electro-mechanical and hydraulic overground gate motors to accommodate the smooth and safe operation of any size of gate.

Faac 413 & 415 Gate Operators
The Faac 413 Operator has been developed for gates up to 2.5 Mtrs per leaf and does NOT NEED an open or close stop in the ground. The mechanical open and closing positions are adjustable directly by mechanical stops on the operator, the system is very effective on “Ranch Type” gates as no straining of the gate is caused in the open or close position.
The 415 Operator can move gate leafs up to 4 Mtrs each (Use of a lock for closing is required).
Another feature of the operators is the smoothness in operation and lack of noise or vibration

Faac 412 – Swing Gate Operator
The FAAC 412 is the most practical and economical choice for residential gates up to 1.8 metres in length per leaf. The 412 actuator is non-reversing and, therefore, does not require electric locks and bolts.

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