Automatic Doors

Here at ADS Doors we pride ourselves on providing professional, cost efficient, modern solutions in our range of Automatic Sliding Doors.

We have an extensive range of our top of the range motors also in stock with the option of automating you preinstalled Manual Doors

Our Range Of Automatic Doors

  • FAAC 950N2
    The FAAC 950N2 is a silent and stylish swing door opening and closing unit that is reliable, safe, and suitable for hands-free and handicapped access. This model has a SLIDE arm which is for frame mounting only for inswinging doors. The FAAC 950N2 model is a spring-based system.

    FAAC 950N2 Brochure

  • FAAC A1000
    The FAAC A1000 Motor is compliant with EN16005 European Standard. It is Highly Compact Motor, ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The A1000 is only 150mm deep and 100mm high and in the event of a power failure, backup batteries guarantee 100% operation for 20 minutes.

    FAAC A1000 Brochure

  • FAAC A1400 Air 2
    The A1400 perfectly optimises door opening and closing times, to limit energy loss within the building. This is done to limit the consumption of energy of the air-conditioning and heating systems creating economic savings and a reduction in polluting emissions.

    FAAC A1400 Air 2 Telescopic Brochure